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"Treat clients like friends and friends like family"
Benjamin Fishman Founder

Since 1928, our family firm has worked with businesses across the U.S.  We take pride in our story.  It's a story of providing our business clients with long term solutions to their business needs.  And, truth be told, over four generations, we have learned a lot about where our sweet-spot meets the sweet-spot of our clients. 

It begins with our relationship with carriers.  We have made a commitment to our carriers to only write best-in-breed business.  It is what has enabled our agency to provide best-in-breed Work Comp pricing.  We are very upfront about our commitment to only write Work Comp for the best-of-the best.  Distressed accounts are simply not our sweet-spot.  

We couple great Work Comp pricing with unrivaled service.  We get to know our clients and we fight hard for our clients at every turn.  

That's our sweet-spot.  That's where we shine.  That's who we write and keep year after year.  

If our story sounds like your story...we make quoting Work Comp easy, painless, and rewarding.  And, like all of our clients, plan on being with the same agency, our agency, for years and years.  

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